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ACP PRO Venous Registry

Are you prepared to discuss your outcomes with patients, payers and referral sources? The ACP PRO Venous Registry can help you with those answers

While it may seem the amount of data we’re exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming, the need for verifiable, clinical data in our practices is more important than ever. To address this need, the ACP is in the process of launching the ACP PRO Venous Registry, which will utilize data collection through EMR systems, allowing for the capture of meaningful data to improve patient outcomes, as well as engage insurers, policymakers and the public.


What is the ACP PRO Venous Registry?

For the past two years, the ACP has been developing the robust ACP PRO Venous Registry, which collects both physician and patient reported outcome (PRO) data through the use of ACP certified EMR systems. This makes the registry an easily utilized research and benchmarking tool, and offers a number of opportunities for providers to participate and specifically allow patients to share their stories through generic and disease specific quality of life scales.


How Can I Enter My Data?

While traditional registries require tedious manual entry, The ACP PRO Venous Registry utilizes the data collected from an ACP certified EMR, allowing for a simple, straightforward process to send your secure, HIPAA compliant data. The only added effort on a daily basis would be enabling patients to complete queries. This may be done in the office or through a patient portal from an ACP certified EMR vendor.


What are the Benefits of Using the ACP PRO Venous Registry?

The ACP PRO Venous Registry has been developed specifically to serve our specialty and contribute to the science in a way that is meaningful to you as a practitioner, as well as for insurers and policy-makers. A registry remains the most powerful tool to address the epidemiology of a disease state, and is the answer to expensive randomized trials. The ACP PRO Venous Registry captures the real-world clinical data and outcomes of our heterogenetic population. This represents “Practice Based Research” or practical research where data reaches our members more quickly than otherwise possible, and provides them with valuable outcome data that can be used to market their practice and potentially negotiate better payer contracts.


Why Should I Participate?

Whether you are a full-time vein practice or looking to include more vein treatments into your practice, there is power in numbers. Participation serves as a means to maintenance of certification, PQRS participation, and offers an ability to benchmark your practice to the aggregate. This serves as a quality improvement tool on a personal level, while helping address specialty specific questions more globally. There are tremendous pressures in our specialty – disease states that are unrecognized, patient outcomes are largely nonexistent, and declining reimbursement for procedures. The data we collect, along with the patient’s voice is critical. When captured together this allows us to identify the economic benefit as perceived by our patients.

If you are serious about veins and wish to continue to be reimbursed for your work, consider participation in the ACP PRO Venous Registry.  If you are interested in participating in the ACP PRO Venous Registry, download an application by clicking on the button below.

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