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become-a-member-btnThe AVLS is the premier association for venous and lymphatic medical professionals. Our focus is to provide advocacy, research and educational opportunities.

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The AVLS is the largest association dedicated to venous and lymphatic disease study and treatment. We provide our members:

In this dynamic health care environment with rapidly moving policy makers and payors, it is imperative that we work to ensure our patient’s quality of life remains a core part of the national health care mission. Patient care cannot be compromised due to a lack of understand of venous and lymphatic disease by policy decision makers.

How we serve in advocacy:

  • Rapid response team of physicians addresses payor policy changes
  • Representative to the AMA House of Delegates since 2008
  • Advocacy volunteers meet with payor relations teams and formally respond to policy coverage determination proposals.
  • Key advocacy speakers are hosted at annual events, including U.S. Congressman Mark Green, MD and Juan Schaening, MD with First Coast Service Options.
  • Improving Wisely project with Johns Hopkins University works to improve standards of care.
  • Advocate for fair reimbursement for vein procedures in the national CPT and RUC process.
  • Publish position statements regarding coverage of vein procedures.

Our commitment to research began with the development of the Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Venous Registry. By embracing research as a core tenant of the Society, we are committing to expanding the field of venous and lymphatic research.

How we serve in research:

  • Over 175 PRO Venous Registry Licensed Users contribute to the database.
  • Merged the Venous Patient Outcome Registry (VPOR) into the PRO Venous Registry.
  • Studies from the PRO Venous Registry are presented at annual events, including two recent studies of Epidemiology and Endovenous Ablation
  • Host an Annual Research Summit to determine best strategies and queries for the registry and research in venous and lymphatic medicine

Since the founding of our Society, a core principle remains to provide the highest quality medical education in venous and lymphatic medicine available in the United States.

How we serve in education:

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Join the more than 2,000 physicians and allied healthcare professionals who are setting the direction for the field of vein care.

Our Diversity is Our Strength

Our members come from a variety of specialties and backgrounds. With more than 2,000 members, the AVLS provides access to a comprehensive network of colleagues dedicated to the study and treatment of venous and lymphatic disease.

Join the more than 2,000 physicians and allied healthcare professionals who are setting the direction for the field of vein care.