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Phlebology Forum


Phlebology Forum is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the discussion of important topics in the field of vein care. Published digitally, each issue includes articles that explore the field of venous and lymphatic disease. The articles in Phlebology Forum pull information from conventional phlebologic literature, as well as specialty journals, to which many may not...

PowerPoint Presentation – An Introduction to Venous Disease for the Non-Venous Specialist


This 75+ page slide show is intended for members to use in their practices to either train staff, educate patients and/or for presentation to other physicians. It is an introduction to Venous Disease for the Non-Venous Specialist.This presentation was created by the Speakers Bureau Advisory Committee of the ACP and is intended for educational purposes...

Duplex Ultrasound Imaging of Lower Extremity Veins in Chronic Venous Disease

Guidelines, References

The ACP has developed guidelines for lower extremity ultrasound venous imaging. The guidelines, which are available to all of our members, describe minimum standards for imaging protocols and reporting as well as the necessary qualifications for those individuals performing and interpreting these studies. The accuracy of the non-invasive venous study depends on the knowledge, skills...

ACP Curriculum References


References2The document is a list of reference material (textbooks and articles) that may be useful study materials for those sitting for the ABVLM certification exam . These materials are also incorporated into the phlebology fellowship curriculum. Download the ACP Curriculum References


VeinLine is the official newsletter of the ACP, providing the latest news and trends in the field of vein care. Distributed quarterly, VeinLine provides members with case studies and discussions, the latest information on coding and reimbursement, member profiles, practice management nursing and ultrasound news, special interest articles, and best practices. The Latest Issues of...