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Research Trainee Grant

The ACP Research Trainee Grant Program is designed to provide young investigators, not yet professionally established in the field of vein care, with an opportunity to gain insight into scientific investigation in the field. The program’s long-term goal is to promote the development of a future generation of venous disease research leaders. The grant provides $45,000 for one year for the chosen recipient.

Trainees in graduate-level medical or research programs (e.g. medical students, residents, fellows or post-doctoral students) are eligible for the Research Trainee Grant. Trainees must be supervised by a designated research mentor at their institution who has an MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree. Applicants must not have previously received major grant funding (exceeding $50,000). To ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and ethical rigor in our funded research activities, a full disclosure of any professional business dealings and/or interests in for-profit commercial entities (medical device or pharmaceutical companies, as well as private practices), is required by all applicants. This disclosure will not preclude eligibility of an applicant, but it will be weighed in the grant approval process.

This grant provides $45,000 for one year. Funds may be used for Investigator salary support, salary for research assistants, supplies, service function charges, and travel expenses for attendance at 1-2 related conferences. Funds may also be used to fulfill the research education requirement associated with this program. Consulting expenses, institutional indirect costs, office expenses, and salary for research mentors will not be funded. Investigators must spend at least 50% of their time on the proposed project.

Click here to download the Grant Application Outline and Sample. Please contact the ACP Membership Department with any questions via email at or by phone at 510.346.6800.