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How to Submit a Grant Proposal

Below are the directions for grant proposal submission. To jump to a specific topic on the page, please click on the corresponding link.

General Information
Required Elements and Format
Content Clarification
Review Process
Sample and Downloadable forms


Grant Proposal General Information

    • Proposals will be accepted and reviewed between January – April of each year.
    • Final deadline for proposals is April 1st.
    • Reviews and status notifications will be completed before June 30th.
    • Funding will generally begin on July 1st of the same fiscal year thru June of next year, unless otherwise arranged and/or pending IRB. (IRB must be obtained within 1 year of grant approval.)
    • Funds are dispersed quarterly through approved funding timeline.


Grant Proposal Required Elements & Format

Required Elements

      • ACP Cover Page (Filled out and Signed see download below)
      • Table of Contents
      • Personnel, Facilities
      • Purpose and Description
      • Abstract
      • Specific Aims
      • Background and Experience specific to Research
      • Preliminary Studies (important for new investigators)
      • Research Design and Methods
      • Funding History
      • Timeline, Budget and Justifications
      • ACP Attestation Form(Filled out and Signed see download below)

——————–above elements should not exceed 15 pages——————–

      • 2 Letters of Reference (Letters from past projects, Medical Directors and/or other relevant professionals who support your experience and ability to complete research projects.)
      • ACP Disclosure Form(Filled out and Signed see download below)
      • Condensed Curriculum Vitae or Bio of Personnel (no more than 1 page for each)


      • Use Arial, No less than 10 size font
      • Full application in Word or pdf
      • Required elements are not to exceed 15 pages(not including Reference letters, disclosures, Attestation and CV’s/Bios)
      • Keep required elements in the order listed above
      • Include page numbers and PI’s name in the document footer
      • Fill in table of contents with corresponding page numbers


Grant Proposal Content Details

The required elements are listed above. Below is further clarification of those elements.

Key Personnel & Facilities

Key personnel should be listed in table format to include organization and role of the personnel as it pertains to the project.

Full Name, Designation Organization Role in this project
Principle Investigator
Research Assistant
Additional Personnel…

Facilities should be listed with address and appropriate contact information.

Name of Location Address of Location

Purpose & Description

Statement of Purpose: Explain what you hope your research will find or show. State your research question or a series of research questions that you hope to answer. You may want to include an outline of the research objectives/hypotheses.

Specific Aims

Explain why this topic is worth considering or why this question or series of questions is worth answering. What do you hope to learn from it? How or what will you contribute to the field of knowledge that exists on this topic? What new perspective will you bring? What use might your final paper be for others in the field or in the general public? With whom might you share your findings once the project is complete?

Background & Experience (Principal Investigator)

Explain your interest in an experience with this topic. Describe any previous research you have conducted on this or related topics, including any classes you have taken or reading you have done in the field. If you have personal experience that has led to you want to do more research, describe that here.

Research Design & Methods

Describe the kind of research you will conduct this project (library research, internet research, interviews, observations, ethnographies,
etc.). Explain how you will conduct your research in as much detail as possible. If you will consult other sources (such as a statistician, an ethnographer, or a librarian), explain what role they will serve and how you hope they will enhance your development of an appropriate methodology for this project. Discuss the kinds of sources you hope to consult and the methods you will use to extract and process the information you gather in as much detail as possible. Once the project is underway, you might find you need to revise your methodology or adopt new methods of gathering and processing data. Anticipate any problems that may arise and try to include contingency plans for those problems.Include a work plan for the project, how the results will be collected, analyzed and interpreted.

Funding History (Principal Investigator)

Describe any past funding you have received for research projects that you served as a principal or that you were involved in as key personnel.


Enter dates based on an 12 month schedule unless otherwise agreed upon.

Deliverables Estimated Date
Date IRB issued
Proposed start date
Delivery of 1st quarter report
Delivery of 2nd quarter report
Delivery of 3rd quarter report
Proposed completion date
Delivery of final report
Presentation at Annual Congress will be
in…(3-4 minute PowerPoint at Research
 _____Nov. 2015    _____Nov. 2016    _____Nov. 2017
Proposed Dates for submission to
Peer Reviewed or Other Journals.


Grant Funding Allocated
Research Trainee $45,000
JOBST $15,000
Jr. Faculty $70,000
ACP Pro Venous Registry Up to $80,000
Advanced Phlebology Up to $100,000

Outline your direct and indirect costs. This should include personnel, equipment, benefits and other costs.

Direct Costs Detailed Description of Direct Costs
Research associate and other personnel
Attendance at Congress
IRB application fee
Other direct costs…


Indirect Costs Detailed Description of Indirect Costs
Facilities & admin. management
Matching funds and cost sharing
Other indirect costs…

Budget Justification Narrative

The Budget Justification Narrative is written statements that justifies the cost outlined above.

Personnell: $5000
$3,000 of the $5,000 will be spent for primarily on analysis by a research associate. We budget for 100 hours at $30/hour. $1000 for a data entry operator. Etc…

Use the following checklist to create your budget justification:

  • Does the budget justification follow the same order as the budget?
  • Does it give additional details to explain the costs included in the budget?
  • Does it include only items that are allowable, reasonable, & allocable?
  • Is it easy to read (short paragraphs, headings to separate different budget categories, etc.)?
  • Is it concise? (no more than 3 pages for NSF)
  • Do the numbers in the budget justification match those in the budget?

Curriculum Vitae/Bios: Provide the curriculum vitae (CV) or Bio Summary of all project personnel and any collaborator(s). The CVs are not included in the page limit for the proposal, and the CV of the collaborator(s) may be abbreviated to include relevant work and publications. Please limit cv’s/bios to 1 to 2 pages.

Grant Review Process

All proposals are reviewed by the ACP’s Research Committee. They give each proposal a weighted score based on feasibility, scientific merit, applicant’s background, budget, timeline and impact of study on phlebology and methodology of procedures. If accepted, the proposal is sent to the Education standing Committee and to the Board of Director’s for final approval. All applicants will be notified of status as each step is completed. All approved grants should have notification before beginning of our fiscal year, July 1st.

Grant Sample and Downloadable Forms

The sample, linked below, will show you how we would like items to be submitted. You can see how it is numbered, the Table of Contents, how CVs are included and other details.

Grant Guidelines & Sample

Below are the forms that are required in your grant proposal. Please download and insert the completed forms into the appropriate section of your grant proposal.

Grant Cover Page
Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form
Attestation Form

If you have any questions, please contact Membership Services at