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de Groot Award

To apply for the Walter P. de Groot Award, please contact the ACP Membership Department via email at or by phone at 510.346.6800.

The Walter P. de Groot, MD Clinical Phlebology Fellowship

Established in 1996, this award recognizes the significant contribution of Dr. Walter P. de Groot in advancing the specialty of phlebology and in providing funding to encourage physicians to seek advanced clinical training in venous and lymphatic disease. The award helps with travel costs for award recipients who chose to study and learn new techniques and procedures with their colleagues across the country. Known for his ability to accommodate opposing viewpoints with tact and simplicity, Dr. Walter de Groot endeared himself to colleagues both nationally and internationally.

U.S. Physicians are eligible for the de Groot Clinical Fellowship. The applicant for the clinical fellowship must be a member in good standing of the ACP.

The award provides $2500 for financial assistance for one US ACP Physician Member to obtain training in phlebology at an ACP Preceptor Program, pre-arranged clinical visit with ACP Fellows or ABVLM Diplomates, or to attend UIP or other affiliated phlebological education programs as outlined in their letter. The purpose of this award is to continue Dr. DeGroot’s mission to promote sharing and exchange of phlebological knowledge.

The applicant needs to submit a detailed outline of his/her proposed course of study, the skills or techniques desired to acquire or enhance, names of the phlebologists proposed to observe, the dates of observation, and whether or not there will be didactic or hands on experience provided during the course of study. The applicant must also provide a letter of recommendation and or acknowledging that the applicant has a keen interest in phlebology and will represent the standards set forth by ACP in the treatment of vein disease. Additionally, de Groot applicant should have never been awarded any other type of ACP Training Scholarship.

Those applicants who are awarded the $2500 award, must also agree to submit a 10-minute abstract at an Annual Congress. This abstract and/or presentation will also be posted on the web and in the VeinLine e-Newsletter.

Review Process
Applications will be reviewed by the ACP Awards Committee. The selection process will be based on experience in phlebology, course of study and past, present and future contributions to phlebology.


The Walter P. de Groot, MD International Scholarship

Both international members and non-members who have not attended a meeting of the ACP are eligible to apply for the de Groot Travel Scholarship Award, which will provide funding to attend an ACP educational meeting.

The award, in the amount of $2500 (US dollars) will help defray travel, accommodation, and registration costs of the ACP Meeting chosen. Three international physicians will be chosen annually.

Applicants must submit a completed application form. Write a letter (written in English) that explains their anticipated benefits from participation in this ACP educational meeting along with a copy of their curriculum vitae (CV).

Review Process
Applications will be reviewed by the ACP International Affairs Committee. Members will have preference, but an ACP membership is not a requirement. The selection process will be based on demographic location, experience in phlebology, and past, present and future contributions to phlebology.

Those applicants who are awarded the de Groot award will be funded on site at the end of the educational meeting. Awardees will be responsible for registration, hotel and accomodations. Recipients will be requested to provide a follow-up essay or white paper describing the benefits they received from attending the meeting. This essay may be posted on the ACP website and/or in the Vein Line newsletter.

Travel Scholarship for International Applicants
The purpose of this award is to help individuals from outside the United States travel to study and learn additional phlebological techniques and procedures with their colleagues at the ACP Annual Congress.

Both International Members and Non-Members can apply.

The $2,500 (USD) award would help defray travel, accommodation, and registration costs.

Applicants cannot have previously attended the ACP Congress or other ACP activities.

Contact Membership Services at for further details.

Contribute to the de Groot Award

Many ACP members knew Dr. Walter P. de Groot and were influenced in their practices through his techniques and experience. The ACP is soliciting tax-deductible contributions from the general membership, as well as industry, to support this fellowship. The ACP donates $2,000 per year from its General Fund to support the Fellowship Fund.

All members are encouraged to participate in the financial support of this clinical fellowship and to apply for the award. Download a Donation Form here.