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Advanced Phlebology Grant

The ACP Advanced Phlebology Grant will fund studies that have the potential to create new techniques, improve the standard of care for the treatment of venous disease, or provide proof of standards that will help in reimbursements. Grants that are approved should have strong potential of being published in a peer reviewed journal.

Investigators with an MD, DO, PhD, or equivalent degree from an accredited educational institution are eligible. Non-ACP members will be considered, but ACP members will be given preference. Applicants will typically have completed other grants, research experience or an equivalent background and have published research in peer reviewed journals. To ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and ethical rigor in its funded research activities, a full disclosure of any professional business dealings and/or interests in for-profit commercial entities (medical device or pharmaceutical companies, as well as private practices), is required by all applicants. This disclosure will not preclude eligibility of an applicant, rather it will be weighed in the grant approval process.

This grant provides up to $100,000 for one year or as otherwise explained in proposal. Funds may be used for investigator salary support, salaries of research related personnel working on the project, supplies, service function charges, and travel expenses for 1-2 related conferences (in particular the ACP Annual Congress). Budget submission will need to be detailed including all expenses.

Click here to download the Grant Application Outline and Sample. Please contact the ACP Membership Department with any questions via email at or by phone at 510.346.6800.