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Program Overview

The data is in: leadership skills improve effectiveness. The Institute for Corporate Productivity reported that high performing organizations were five times as effective at leadership development than those that performed poorly. Bersin and Associates found that 6 in 10 global business leaders felt that a lack of leadership was responsible for their company’s inability to respond to change. After leadership development, companies experienced a 600- 2000% improvement in growth, change, performance, employee retention, engagement and retention of leaders, and results.

We are all asked to be leaders – in our practices, our families, and the organizations we belong to. Some of us are, or wish to be, leaders within our communities or governments. Imagine the ways in which your life will improve when you become a more effective leader. The ACP’s Leadership Academy will help you develop your own
unique leadership skills as you identify what you care most about, develop a vision for your practice and your life, acquire strong communication skills to articulate this vision in a way that will inspire others, and become effective at negotiating for what you want and resolving conflicts so that all parties remain focused on shared goals. These skills are even more important when the future is uncertain and our world is changing. By attending the ACP’s Leadership Academy , you can become the leader you were meant to be – the leader that your practice, your organization, your family, and your specialty needs you to be.

This year-long program combines leadership, project design and implementation and personally transformative experiences to facilitate your learning and enduring growth. The accepted 70-20-10 model states that 70 percent of learning is through practice and on-the-job experiences; 20 percent is through other people by exposure to coaching, feedback, and networking; and 10 percent is through formal education-based learning interventions. The ACP’s Leadership Academy offers all of this in a program that will easily fit into your busy life.


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