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Past Projects

accomplishmentsUnder the direction of Dr. Helane Fronek and leadership consultant Mitchell Simon, the ACP developed a year-long program which combines leadership, project design & implementation with personally transformative experiences to facilitate learning and enduring growth through retreats, monthly webinars and completion of a project that will allow participants to put their newly acquired knowledge to use, make a significant contribution to the field of phlebology and gain experience presenting at the next ACP Congress.

The projects undertaken by the members of the 2015 Leadership Academy include (click on the links for further information about each project):


  • Veincare equals Phlebology – a logo was designed to visually connect the concept of vein care with phlebology then distributed to members and the medical community.


  • Veincast Podcast – this informative podcast promotes discourse between vein care providers and medical community at large on important topics.