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ACP Foundation Hosts Registry Research Summit

May 3, 2017

By Keith A. Darby, CAE, CMA, CFE
ACP Interim Executive Director

Bringing together a group of core ACP leadership, registry thought leaders, and industry researchers, the summit was hosted by the ACP Foundation April 21, 2017 in Miami, FL. It was designed to engage and solicit stakeholders for their opinions on the research needs of the venous and lymphatic medical community, as well as identify potential research project or study opportunities using the existing ACP PRO Venous Registry data.

During the summit, there was an open discussion about the data being captured by the registry, the immediate needs of the community, and items that can be addressed utilizing the database. Participants were encouraged to ask questions regarding the registry data, systems, and procedures, as well as items relating to ACP research interests and ACP Foundation research grants and processes.

Summit participants agreed that the ACP PRO Venous Registry is critical to the long term sustainability of the specialty, and research studies generated from clinical registry data that captures the patient’s voice will play an essential role in the future advocacy efforts undertaken by the community. Ultimately, the ACP PRO Venous Registry will be a key instrument to support the treatment of venous and lymphatic patients while also maintaining the medical practices who service them. With the prevalence of misinformation, ignorance, and criticism being focused on venous and lymphatic medical practices, the ability to speak with statistical fact and develop clarity on issues within the community is essential.

A formal white paper on the event is currently being drafted, and should be available for public dissemination by the end of May.

The ACP PRO Venous Registry now contains more than 21,000 unique patients and 84,000 patient records from 100 physicians in 91 locations.

For more about the ACP PRO Venous Registry, please visit www.phlebology.org/registry. You can also view the registry dashboard at www.veinstats.org.