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Member Engagement Standing Committee

Sub Committees

Coding & Reimbursement  Recruitment  Special Interest  Leadership

Statement of Purpose:
This committee is responsible for the oversight and direction of advisory committees that create and provide products and/or services that are directly beneficial to ACP’s members and their interests. Advisory Committees assigned to the Member Services Standing Committee and their statements of purpose are shown below:

Committee Members:

  • Diana Neuhardt, RVT, RPhS – Chair
  • Armen Roupenian, MD, FACS, RVT, RPhS, RPVI, FACPh
  • Saundra Spruiell, DO, FACPh

Staff Liaison:

  • TBD

Coding and Reimbursement

Statement of Purpose:
The Coding and Reimbursement advisory committee reports directly to the Member Engagement Standing Committee and is responsible for monitoring government and private sector reimbursement systems when and where appropriate on behalf of ACP members. The committee monitors and acts as the resource unit for education of ACP members and insurance carriers about coding and classification systems that affect phlebology. This committee may from time to time be asked by the Board of Directors to provide written recommendations on coding and reimbursement related issues in Phlebology.

Note: This committee is strictly prohibited from discussion, communication, and dissemination of any type of materials or information that involves pricing as it is anti-competitive in its nature. The committee must strictly adhere to the Anti-Trust Policy approved and supported by the ACP Board of Directors and the College.

Committee Members:

  • Bruce Hoyle, MD -Chair
  • Kimberly Dickerson, CPC, CPCO, CBCS
  • Lornell Hansen, MD
  • Ronald Kolegraff, MD, RVT
  • AJ Riviezzo, MBA
  • Pam Roberts, MD
  • Frederick Shuler, MD
  • James St. George, MD
  • Thomas Wright, MD, FACP, RVT
  • Joseph Zygmunt, Jr., RVT, RPhS

Staff Liaison:

  • TBD

Recruitment and Retention

Statement of Purpose:
The Recruitment and Retention advisory committee reports directly to the Member Engagement Standing Committee and is responsible for assessment and development of policies, programs, and processes for successful recruitment of new members and retention of existing members of the College.

Committee Members:

  • Stephanie Dentoni, MD – Chair
  • Terri Morrison, RN, BS, Voc ED
  • Marcy Riviezzo
  • Bill Schroedter, RVT, RPhS, FSVU
  • James St. George, MD

Staff Liaison:

  • Nikki Mendez

Special Interest Sections

Statement of Purpose:
All specialty sections report directly to the Member Engagement Standing Committee. The College Board from time to time by resolution may create specialty sections, which shall consist of groups of members of the College who choose to join individual sections. Each section shall be organized for the purpose of advancing the art and science of the specialty or interest area within the field of phlebology designated by the Board in the creation of that section. Each section shall provide a forum for members interested in that specialty or interest area, shall seek to improve the understanding of diagnosis and treatment in that specialty by members, and shall seek to improve the delivery of care in its specialty to the public.

Sections may request to organize programs and activities and publish newsletters at the approval of the Member Services Board Standing Committee and/or the Board of Directors of the College. Any activities that are planned in conjunction with events of the College, such as the Annual Congress or Regional Meetings, must be approved by the Member Services Committee and the Board of the College.

Sections that have been created and approved by the Board of Directors to date are:

  • Nursing Section
    • TBD – Section Chair
    • Karin Augur, PA-C – Program Secretary
    • Terri Harper, MSN, APRN, FNP-C – Assistant Program Secretary
  • Ultrasonography Section
    • Paula Heggerick, BS, RVT, RDMS, RPhS, FSVU – Section Chair
    • Jeannie Melendez, RVT, RPhS – Program Secretary
    • Linda Antonucci, RPhS, RVT, RDCS – Assistant Program Secretary
  • Advanced Practice Nurses & Physician Assistants (APN/PA) Section
    • Jessica Ochs, PA-C – Section Chair
    • Chris Cox, PA-C – Program Secretary
    • Leanna Beaumont, APNP, RPhS – Assistant Program Secretary

Staff Liaison:

  • Sue Alexander

Leadership Development

Statement of Purpose:
This committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the leadership development training program. They also are responsible for providing volunteer opportunities and identification of new leaders within the College.

Committee Members:

  • Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh, PhD – Chair
  • Lisa Amatangelo, MD, RVT, FACPh
  • Stephanie Dentoni, MD
  • Joseph Jenkins, MD, FACS, RPVI, RPhS, RVT, Diplomate ABVLM
  • Margaret Mann, MD
  • Eric Mowatt-Larssen, MD, FACPh, RPhS
  • Diana Neuhardt, RVT, RPhS
  • Julianne Stoughton, MD, FACS
  • Mark Forrestal, MD, FACPh

Staff Liaison:

  • Dean Bender